Using CURL Command in Windows 64-bit!


CURL is a command-line tool for getting and sending data using various protocols. CURL supports various protocols. like DICTFTPFTPSGopherHTTP (with HTTP/2 support), HTTP POSTHTTP PUTHTTP proxy tunneling, HTTPSIMAPKerberosLDAPPOP3RTSPSCP, and SMTP.

In the Windows platform, if a CA certificate file is not specified, cURL will look for a CA certificate file name “curl-ca-bundle.crt” in the following order:

  1. Directory where the cURL program is located.
  2. Current working directory.
  3. Windows system directory.
  4. Windows directory.
  5. Directories specified in the %PATH% environment variables

Using CURL in windows is very easy. All You need to do is

  1. First you need to go

    and download latest version of CURL zip file(which supports windows 64 bit).

  2. Extract the contents of zip file. Open the folder go to bin directory there you will find curl.exe file.
  3. Now all you need to do is copy that file and paste it in your project working directory where you want to use CURL.
  4.  It’s not over yet, Still our command line won’t understand curl command. So we need to tell cmd by setting up the path of curl.exe in system environment variables.

Setting up the path of curl.exe in system environment variables.

  1. Go to system properties
  2. Select Advanced system settings
  3. In the system variables select path and click on Edit
  4. If you are using windows 10 click on new or else Add a semicolon followed by the path to where you placed your curl.exe. for example
    D:\project working directory\curl.exe


Now Try running curl command in your current project working directory something like this curl
It will work!